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Thank you everyone who came out to support, experience, learn, and exchange with the amazing group of artists, magicians, and mystics at the CHTF.

MAY 12 / 6:00PM

Hosted by Coya Paz
Produced by Arif Smith
Artists Melissa DuPrey, AfroQbano, Lily Be, Khari Lemuel, + Frog Belly Collective

From time immemorial, the human experience has been deeply shaped by efforts to procure and maintain shelter, or a home, both personal and collective. Arguably our first true encounter with such notions of home are rooted in the self-awareness that our bodies house our thoughts, emotions, and identities. Hence, we’ve organized a series of vignettes that engage with how beauty, violence, and trauma impact our bodies. Melissa DuPrey, AfroQbano, Lily Be, Khari Lemuel, and Frog Belly Collective will each explore this thematic configuration through comedy, sound, ritual, and movement, and ask not only what bearing do external forces have on how we negotiate such body-centered phenomena, but also what is revealed when we consider the body as the primordial home?

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Ed & Whitney, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your homes and document that love that you share between your family and friends.

It was really exciting to see everyone deeply involved in the whole wedding process; the food, the games, and tea ceremonies.

All of that rain on the day of the wedding was nothing but signs of good luck!

Wishing the two of you all of the best.  :)

venue: MingHin

photoshoot location: Architectural Artifacts

photoshoot location: Union Station

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Thank you Fiori Hair for giving me a chance to be a part of this really special team.
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Even while hiking in nature, completed succumbed by it, the occasion of full body immersion doesn’t happen as often as one would think it would.  Nature is beautiful in concept but also ruthless.  The idea of being one with nature sounds so natural and easy in thought but the actual process of living in nature is difficult.  Even as we are hiking these beautiful scenes unperturbed by society, we have countless number of barriers that are protecting us from the true nakedness of wildness.  Wool socks that wicks away foot moisture and soaks up all of the funky smells, synthetic gloves provide barrier from the uv rays, plastic sun glasses for more uv projection, boots that allow for your feet to move freely around unknown untouched virgin surfaces of the earth, an umbrella to keep the sun away and the rain away, a map to understand our location, hiking poles to find balance, plastic water bottles to keep the body hydrated, plastic bags to keep the food safe, separate, and dry.  The list never ends; we are constantly relying on man made, synthetic, unnatural, materials and taught knowledge to be with nature unpredictability.  As much as I want to, I can’t just be naked in the middle of the desert, to be “one with nature”.  In fact, to sustain life out in the wilderness, takes tremendous amounts of practice, perseverance, planning, and knowledge. 

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