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Chicago Home Theater Festival : CHTF : Rogers Park

What happens when you combine food, culture, history, tradition, community, healing, music, poetry, dreams,View full post »

my name is eedahahm : live glitch dance video performance

“my name is eedahahm”video painting inner soundscape improvisational glitch performance 2015 View fullView full post »

eedahahm “stupid” virtual reality video art mind paint soundscape

Part of “stupid” exhibition.  Here is a collection of my video paintings from 2015. It was designed to beView full post »

stupid textbook type painting

This is the final printed work from 2015’s exhibition.  The first 4 magazine were a series of images depicting myView full post »

water blossom cherry crystals

Final image book from set of four shown at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago 2015. Stay away from sugar! ViewView full post »

poly morph : folding 3d origami : in-between the pixels

transform yourself through love and time audio visual experimentation on blender 2015 View full post »View full post »

metaphysical perception visible vibrations emotional shades of the inner world glitches

slowly sinking without a glimpse of reality effusive tonality in tonality of truth eyes glimmering through haze ofView full post »


gatpichumhirieee gubekjomhara clap satachgachiri guruooombupriii clap wooriimm salli ommm baaahereeeee clap gobammmbaView full post »