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Chicago Home Theater Festival : CHTF : Humboldt Park

Thank you everyone who came out to support, experience, learn, and exchange with the amazing group of artists, magicians, and mystics at the CHTF.

MAY 12 / 6:00PM

Hosted by Coya Paz
Produced by Arif Smith
Artists Melissa DuPrey, AfroQbano, Lily Be, Khari Lemuel, + Frog Belly Collective

From time immemorial, the human experience has been deeply shaped by efforts to procure and maintain shelter, or a home, both personal and collective. Arguably our first true encounter with such notions of home are rooted in the self-awareness that our bodies house our thoughts, emotions, and identities. Hence, we’ve organized a series of vignettes that engage with how beauty, violence, and trauma impact our bodies. Melissa DuPrey, AfroQbano, Lily Be, Khari Lemuel, and Frog Belly Collective will each explore this thematic configuration through comedy, sound, ritual, and movement, and ask not only what bearing do external forces have on how we negotiate such body-centered phenomena, but also what is revealed when we consider the body as the primordial home?