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Chicago Home Theater Festival : CHTF : Rogers Park


What happens when you combine food, culture, history, tradition, community, healing, music, poetry, dreams, magic, hugs, and a plethora of other delectable goodness?

love is what happens yo.   happiness is concocted.  trust is built.

i have never shared so many hugs in one night.  thank you Chicago Home Theater Festival for organizing this lovely gathering.

MAY 13 / 6:00PM

Hosted by Sojourner Wright
Produced by Monica Trinidad
Artists Benjamin Hart, CQQCHIFRUIT, Carrie Kaufman, eedahahm, Silvia Gonzalez, + Tasha Viets-VanLear

Intimacy is the root of humanity, constantly being invisibilized, lost, culturally appropriated and rejected in the western world.

Private, university libraries, heavily policed neighborhoods, and cultures squandered by assimilation fosters fear in our communities and isolation between our homes. The notion of the good neighbor has been corrupted.

Our learning spaces co-opted. Dreams of our genealogical ancestry vanished. But what if we invited intimacy into our homes? What if our learning spaces were accessible, tangible, genuine dream machines?

Artists Benjamin Hart, CQQCHIFRUIT, eedahahm, Silvia Gonzalez, and Tasha Viets-Van Lear will challenge the destruction of the dream machine, posing these questions at varying distances, using our whole bodies to learn as a means of postcolonial re-cooperation, recovery and reclamation.