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eedahahm “stupid” virtual reality video art mind paint soundscape

Part of “stupid” exhibition.  Here is a collection of my video paintings from 2015.
It was designed to be used with a virtual reality machine so that the viewer can look around in the environment in an equirectangular projection.   Museum attendees spend on average 15-30 seconds of their time on work of arts that are unanimously acclaimed “masterpieces”.  My goal was to explode in stupidness.  The experience is total immersion and temporary transference between visions of psychosis and reality.  The tension, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the short circuit nature of contemporary living is captured through this medium.  Our collective consciousness from a natural body existence to a non corporeal plane; the digitization of our soul is something that social media has touched upon but not delved in.  This is a scratch in a surface of an objective I cannot see or validate.  Installation shown Korean Chicago Cultural Center.  2015.