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UIC Jane Addams Hull House : Cities of Peace : Teach In : State Violence, Healing & Resistance

    Beautiful teachers and seekers from communities all over Chicago continuing to inform and learn by constant discourse; specifically regarding the trauma that comes with state violence, the post-trauma healing, and resistance.

    Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to document this special gathering at the Cambodian American Heritage Museum hosted by Jane Addam Hull-House.

    Not only was it an education experience to gain knowledge about the Cambodian genocide, but a real eye opening moment when defining and recognizing my own personal traumas throughout my life.  It is a delicate area in the emotional spectrum that seems to always get swept underneath the bottom of the rug, consciously and unconsciously.  I feel like it is important to not only self-recognize these conversations but to share with others who might be going through a similar experience.  Awareness and togetherness for empowerment so we can stand strong individually and as a community.