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Art Portfolio

eedahahm stupid pct pacific crest trail art chicago artist performance artist contemporary art

Cactus Needles In My Skinship Butthole

Even while hiking in nature, completed succumbed by

stupid textbook type painting

This is the final printed work from 2015’s

WERQ: Embodying Queer Spirit, Rebirth Garments Performance: Sky Cubacub

I’ve had the pleasure of editing this video for

poly morph : folding 3d origami : in-between the pixels

transform yourself through love and time audio visual

water blossom cherry crystals

Final image book from set of four shown at the Korean


gatpichumhirieee gubekjomhara clap satachgachiri

my name is eedahahm : live glitch dance video performance

“my name is eedahahm”video painting inner